JP3 CD Launch @ MONA

JP3 CD Launch

Just want to thank everyone who made it out to MONA for our CD launch, we had a blast playing for everyone and received a lot of positive feedback and sold a bunch of cds so we couldn’t be happier!
Will be updating the site with upcoming gigs soon and will be aiming for a full length CD for around Dec 2013/Jan 2014 so have a bunch to work on to keep us busy!
Thanks again for the support, really appreciate it!


One thought on “JP3 CD Launch @ MONA

  1. Hi Jamie
    Linda gave us one of your CDs knowing how much we love your music. Congratulations and many thanks love from Barb Weetman and Philip Bragg at Howden. Hope we can catch up and hear more soon. Particularly loved the first and last recording as well as Channel Life.

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