Hello and Welcome!

Hi everyone, welcome to my brand new website!!!

I’ve created this site to help get my music out into the world and to organize my teaching.

I’ll be uploading some tracks a bit later down the road from my up coming recording with the trio featuring Hamish Houston on Double Bass and Alf Jackson on Drums.

As far as the site goes there is a classic bio of my musical life, some pics from gigs for those who haven’t checked out any of my live performances or don’t know what my face looks like.

The listening page will be updated as I mentioned before with some tracks and the contact is how you can contact me, pretty straight forward so far.

The teaching page is for any of my current students who wish to contact me or anyone looking to start guitar lessons or to further their skills, I’ll have that updated with information very soon!

Well cheers for checking out the site and I hope to have more to offer you all very soon!

You can also find me on linkedin.com and facebook.



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