Jamie Pregnell Trio Live @ Lebowskis

Just returned home from our gig at Lewboskis in Melbourne over the weekend. We had a blast playing and got a chance to try out some new compositions. Joining me for the gig was Hamish Houston on bass and Liam O’Leary on drums. Looking forward to playing in Melbourne again soon!

New Track “Traveler” uploaded

I’ve added a demo recording of a track of mine called Traveler that I recorded a while back with Hamish Houston – Bass and Rit Coomber – Drums.
It was recorded & mixed by Zarven Kara @ Reel to Reel Studios, December 2015, Margate, Tasmania.
I’ve added it to the listen page and you can also find it below:

New Track “Brightside” uploaded

I’ve added a new track of mine called Brighside that I recorded with Hamish Houston – Bass and Liam O’Leary – Drums.
It was recorded & mixed by Al Future @ The Avalon Futurium, December 2014, Hobart, Tasmania.
I’ve added it to the listen page and you can also find it below:

Jamie Pregnell Quartet

We were very fortunate to be joined for some gigs by our good friend Spike Mason, a fantastic Sax player who lives in Tassie. Spike came down for our gig at the last Hot August Jazz Festival and joined us at our Sunday Jazz at MONA session. We hope to have him playing with us again through 2015, we had a blast!

2014-08-31 18.47.43

Devonport Jazz Festival 2013


This past July the Jamie Pregnell Trio were invited to play at the Devonport Jazz Festival. We had a fantastic couple of shows, playing to wonderful audiences as well as getting to see some great performances from some of the other artists playing at the festival .

The Jamie Pregnell Trio featured at the Laneway. The venue had a lovely ambience of an underground club, and the modern jazz band showcased some original work amongst tunes by Thelonious Monk, Henry Mancini and Charles Mingus. The capacity audience heard some excellent improvisation skills from the Hobart trio as well as some exciting interpretations of some well known standards

  — Devonport Jazz

JP3 CD Launch @ MONA

JP3 CD Launch

Just want to thank everyone who made it out to MONA for our CD launch, we had a blast playing for everyone and received a lot of positive feedback and sold a bunch of cds so we couldn’t be happier!
Will be updating the site with upcoming gigs soon and will be aiming for a full length CD for around Dec 2013/Jan 2014 so have a bunch to work on to keep us busy!
Thanks again for the support, really appreciate it!


Jamie Pregnell Trio CD Launch in The Void @ MONA


JP3 Newpaper

Hey everyone!

So I recorded a little CD in December last year, playing a bunch of my tunes with some of my best mates, Hamish Houston and Alf Jackson.
My intention was to go in and do a live recording, just the three of us in an afternoon and have no expectations and see how it goes.
After rehearsing and playing together throughout the year leading up to the recording sessions I’m happy to say all the hard work paid off and we now have a fantastic little CD that I’d love to share with everyone!
The CD features all of my own jazz compositions, me on guitar and the fantastic playing of Alf and Hamish who are both on FIRE!
Hope to see you all there as it’s going to be a special afternoon!

Jamie Pregnell Trio @ MONA, in the Void
Sunday, April 7th @ 1pm-4pm
FREE entry! I will have CD’s for sale for you all to take home!